Moving Supplies

Moving & Storage Supplies

Boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, locks, mattress bags and more.

If you need it for moving, chances are that we have it here for sale…. even the MOBOX itself can be purchased!

We can put together a moving package for you and send it out with your MOBOX, just let us know.

Here are some of our supplies.

Pick them up at any MOBOX Storage Location, or include them in your mobile storage drop off.


1.5′ Cubic Box (16″x13″x13″)  – $2.35

2′ Cubic Box (18″x15″x12″)  – $2.95

4′ Cubic Box (18″x18″x21″) – $3.75

5′ Cubic Box (18″x18″x27)  – $4.55

China Box (20″x20″x26″) – $6.95

Small Mirror Box (48″x4.5″x33″) – $4.95

Large Mirror Box (37″x4.5″x26″) – $6.25

File Box (15″x12″x9.75″) – $3.35


Mattress Bags

Chair Bags – $4.90

Sofa Bags – $6.99

Mattress Bad Twin – $6.50

Mattress Bag Double Size – $6.99

Mattress Bag Queen Size – $9.99

Mattress Bag King Size  – $11.70


Bubble Wrap

Small Bubble Wrap (12″ x 30ft) – $7.95

Medium Bubble Wrap (10″x 24ft) – $7.95


Moving Blanket Rentals – $0.50/month/blanket

Paper and Tape

Clear Packing Tape – $2.20

Tape Gun – $9.99

10 ibs Paper – $12.95 


“Let us help you make the process of moving and storage easy and hassle-free.”

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Current Specials



Indoor Stack and Store

 6x7x7 NOW ONLY $79 +tax

 *Offer good up to one year from move in



Mid Mo

7x8x8 – Get your full SECOND MONTH'S RENT for $1 +tax

*Offer availabe on delivered units only




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