How We Deliver

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It’s as easy as 1-2-3


We drop a mobile storage unit to you.


You fill your storage unit.


We pick it up, take it away, and store it safely.

Two trucks mean LOADS of options!

With two different trucks and attentive and caring drivers, MOBOX’s moving and storage is sure to impress!

Crane Truck

  • Our crane truck generally, delivers our smaller units but can also move empty 8×10 and 8×20 MOBOXes.
  • A great option when you need to fit your MOBOX into tighter, harder to reach spaces.
Space/Load requirements for placement:

To drive onto property

  • 8.5’ Width to drive into property
  • 13.6’ Height clearance

To place a MOBOX

  • 22’ Height clearance
  • Can drop a unit 15 from center of truck
  • Can place empty or full 6×6, 6×7 and 7×8 MOBOX Units
  • Can place empty 8×10 and 8×20 MOBOX Units

Roll Off Bed Truck

  • Our ONE OF A KIND Roll Off Truck delivers our larger 8×10 and 8×20 units weather empty of full.
  • This specialized truck uses a patent-pending, winch-less container moving system. This system pulls the truck bed under the unit, aiding in the smoothness of delivery and placement.
  • This bed truck also boasts a 20 000 lbs lifting capability.  This is TWICE the loading capacity of other portable storage moving trucks. 
Space/Load requirements for placement:

To drive onto property

  • 8.5’ Width to drive into property
  • 13.6’ Height clearance

To place a MOBOX

  • 18’ Height clearance
  • 70’ Length – Straight on
  • Can place empty or full 8×10 and 8×20 MOBOX units

That’s not ALL…. Check out our Delivery OPTIONS!


Option 1)

We deliver a MOBOX storage unit to you. You fill it and we bring your FULL MOBOX back to store @ one of our facilities. When you are ready, have your storage unit delivered back to you, wherever you may be!


Option 2)

We deliver a MOBOX storage unit to you and you use it as storage @ your home or site.  When you are done with your MOBOX storage unit, give us a call and we will come and pick your MOBOX up and bring it home.


Option 3)

Have a different idea on how you would like to use and move your MOBOX? The options are almost limitless! Just shoot us an email or give us a quick call and we can run through your options with you!

 Don’t forget, you can also bring your things to us and MOVE INTO a MOBOX @ one of OUR LOCATIONS!

Do you own your own seacan and need it moved?

We can help!

We offer delivery on CUSTOMER OWNED units.

CONTACT US for more details.


Things to consider when preparing for your MOBOX Delivery


Where on the property would you like the unit to be placed?


Will you place your MOBOX in your driveway? Back yard? Or on the street in front of your house? Having more than one option is also very helpful.


Keep in mind any MOBOX units placed on the street may require a permit. Contact your local municipality to inquire about what your local by-laws are in regards to street placement.


Which way should the doors of your MOBOX unit face?


Are there any overhanging branches or power lines that may impede the placement of your MOBOX?


Do you have a date for your first delivery and date for pick up or move?

Not sure about where to put your Mobox? About delivery dates or any other questions?  Give us a call, (250) 896-6269 or request a container below.  We are always here to help!