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 MOBOX STORAGE…  An EASY and virtually STRESS FREE moving solution.


 Here’s how MOBOX, mobile storage can ease the stress of your move:


1)  Pack the way you want, with the time you need. 

2)  You only have to pack and unpack your things once.  This is especially true if you are moving your things into storage before another move.  

3) You choose when, how and where we move your MOBOX. 

Maybe you want to move your things from one home to another.  Perhaps you would like to have your MOBOX brought back to be stored with us.  We can, and will, deliver almost anywhere, any way.  Just contact one of our customer services representatives to go over the array of options.

  4)  Our MO’s come in so many shapes and sizes.  With so many options we are sure to have what you need.  

 5) We sell MOVING SUPPLIES, rent BLANKETS and we can put them in your MOBOX on delivery.  Just so you don’t have to go out and buy them.


Move at your own pace and maintain your peace of mind.