Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Supply Storage

If you live on Vancouver Island, or nearby, you know the likelihood of earthquakes, tsunamis and natural disasters are likely. There are numerous websites to learn how to be prepared and stay safe in the event of a natural disaster. Here are a few for your reference:


While preparing for an emergency for yourself and your family is no easy feat, it is a much larger task when emergency planning for schools, workplaces, venues and so on. The above links are general guidelines for emergency preparedness. Here are a few extra links that pertain to small businesses, condos/apartments and neighbourhood preparedness:




With the information in the above links one is sure to be able to plan and prepare for an emergency. But what about the stocking and storing of emergency supplies? Especially for large groups of people? Consider a converted shipping container or a Mobox mobile storage unit. Not only can a shipping container or Mobox hold a multitude of supplies, they are also structurally sound, sealed and convenient. Another positive? – you can set up the inside of a Mobox or shipping container to hold almost anything you need, while also creating a safe shelter and meeting place.

When planning for your Emergency Supply Storage you are going to want to first decide where the unit will be placed. Be sure the Container is placed in a open space clear of power lines, tress or anything that could fall on it to ensure it remains intact. Once you have decided on the placement of your container you are now ready to set it up and stock it. How you choose to set up your unit is up to you and will be based on what the unit will hold land how it will function if an emergency has occurred. In regards to what to stock take a look at a list of supplies here –> Emergency Supplies Checklist.

While we all hope that we never see a disaster of any kind, it is always good to be prepared. As they say… Better safe than sorry.

Interested in renting a Mobox for your Emergency Supply Storage? Click Here for our unit information or contact us @ 250 891 5850 or info@moboxstorage.com.