Frequently Asked Questions


At MOBOX, the storage comes right to you. Be rest assured, should you choose to keep your things at one of our Storage Centres, they’ll receive the best and most secure treatment available. MOBOX Storage Centres are clean, safe and dry. MOBOX has 5 convenient and secure locations within the Greater Victoria Area. The Adams Storage Group of companies which is locally owned & operated has been serving Victoria for over 30 years and has repeatedly won Best in the City and this year won Best Storage Westshore. Trust the largest storage provider in Victoria to look after your valuables.

Can I fit multiple containers in my driveway/yard?

MOBOX is able to deliver two MINI, STANDARD or MID MOs at a time or one BIG or MEGA MO at a time and can bring as many as you require or can fit at your location.

I don’t know where I’m moving yet. How can MoBox help me?

MOBOX is perfect for those in this situation, we will pick up and store your goods until you know when and where you will need them. One month or one year, just let MOBOX know when you’re ready for your container(s) to be returned and we will make the delivery to your new location.

Do you pick up and deliver on weekends?

MOBOX is open 7 days a week, in order to fulfill our goal: to accommodate each and every customer’s needs. We try with all our MOBOX might to make it happen.

Are MOBOX containers secure, mold-free and weatherproof?

You bet they are! The MOBOX is a custom designed shipping container, lockable and made of metal for security, that is insulated, ventilated to prevent mold, with double doors that seal to keep water and rats/vermin out of your valuables.

How much does it cost to rent a MOBOX Storage container?

Presently MOBOX Storage is offering 5 different sized containers: MINI, STANDARD, MID, BIG and MEGA MO that vary in price. Simply click on the pricing tab at the top of your screen to find the cost of your container rental. Don’t forget to click our delivery area as well to help explain the costs of delivery throughout Greater Victoria. For an exact cost, please call us or fill out our online quote form and we will be pleased to respond in a timely fashion. Quotes for long distance moves can be more complex and may require calling one of our long distance moving specialists to obtain a few additional details. Please phone us directly and let us help with your specific questions at 250-896-6269

How do I schedule or reschedule container pick up or delivery?

You can schedule pick up or delivery service by calling us locally at:
250-89-MOBOX or call Toll Free at 1-855-MY-MOBOX

When will my MOBOX container(s) be delivered?

Your estimated delivery time will be available before 5 PM the evening before your scheduled delivery. Please understand that the 3-hour window is an estimated time frame, not a guarantee. Occasionally there are factors that may impact your scheduled delivery such as weather or traffic. Your container(s) may be delivered anytime after 9 AM, and deliveries may continue into the evening hours.

Do I have to be there when you deliver my MOBOX container(s)?

Delivery can be made if you are not available, just be sure you provide specific delivery instructions at the time you place your order. It is a requirement that the contract be signed before the date of delivery, simply stop in the Adams MOBOX facility or allow us to e-mail the rental agreements directly to you.

Can I access my MOBOX container while it is in storage?

Absolutely! In order to access your container while it is in one of our MOBOX secure Storage Centres, you will need to schedule a container access with a 24-hour notice. Give us a call using the number at the bottom of the page and we’ll be happy to schedule access for you.

If I have to reschedule my order, what do I do?

Simply give us a call 24 hours or more before your scheduled delivery time and we will reschedule the delivery without any extra fees applied. If less than 24 hours notice is not given directly to a Mobox agent, a service fee will be applied to your delivery.

If I have to cancel my order do I get my money back?

Local orders – We charge the initial delivery fee and 1st month of storage up to a day in advance of delivery. We do ask that if you are going to cancel that you do so by calling MOBOX Storage by 4pm local time two days before you are scheduled or a cancellation fee may be charged. When cancelling your order you must call and speak to an agent. Long distance orders – There is no cancellation fee as long as you call before 4 pm local time 4 days before the initial delivery. If you call to cancel the container before the 4 pm deadline, all charges will be refunded back to you. If you cancel for any reason after this deadline, you will be refunded for all charges except for the deposit. When cancelling your order you must call and speak to an agent. Email and/or voicemail notifications cannot be accepted.

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